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Ethics & Character: The Economics

Did You Know. . .
Highly ethical businesses headed by leaders with character consistently and substantially outperform those without?

According to researchers at Harvard Business School
and DePaul University, these businesses:

  • Show 4 times the revenue gains long term
  • Demonstrate 8 times the increases in their workforce
  • Show 12 times the increases in stock prices
  • Indicate 756 times the net income
  • Evidence 3 times larger Market Value Added
  • Rank 14.8 percentiles higher on rankings of financial performance
  • Obtain 6.7 out of 10 points higher on reputation scores

The businesses' profitability results from:

  • Increased customer referrals
  • Improved recruitment and retention; employee and customer referrals decrease recruiting costs
  • Reduced misconduct, employee fraud, and absenteeism
  • More positive and fruitful working relationships
  • Decreased trust- and equity-destroying scandal
  • Improved communication - makes information available that's necessary for good decisions
  • Other ethical organizations whose leadership commits to character improve their functioning and productivity for the same reasons.

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