Ethics Code for a New America

What Character Traits are We Aiming For?


We aim for the optimal in:


    We commit to taking the initiative to be kind ♦ compassionate ♦ forgiving ♦ generous with those in need ♦ cooperative ♦ appreciative ♦ sensitive♦ considerate of others' feelings ♦ to helping and supporting the weakest and most vulnerable ♦ to listening first ♦ to taking care of ourselves.


    We commit to saying what we mean, and all of what we mean, without deception ♦ to being sincere ♦ congruent ♦ authentic ♦ transparent ♦ to speaking the truth as we know it.


    We commit to doing what we say we will do, what we are responsible for doing, when we say we will ♦ to being reliable ♦ to persevering – keeping on trying ♦ using self-control ♦ thinking about consequences before we act ♦ setting goal ♦ being self-disciplined ♦ pursuing excellence ♦ working hard ♦ develop-ing competence ♦ considering the "common good" ♦ leading by example ♦ understanding our own and others' objectives.

Respect and Fairness

    We commit to being respectful of authority ♦ tolerating and respecting differences ♦ ensuring that all are heard and considered in a conflict ♦ practicing non-violent alternatives to force ♦ ensuring fair distribution of resources/wealth ♦ respecting human rights ♦ taking turns ♦ not taking advantage of others ♦ doing unto others as we would have them do unto us ♦ cooperating ♦ being peaceful and civil ♦ being flexible ♦ knowing when to be tentative in expressing opinions.


    We commit to contributing ♦ giving of what we have ♦ doing our share to improve the community & the world ♦ building community and connections ♦ being a good neighbor ♦ being politically active ♦ voting ♦ being a good steward of the Earth, the water supply, the food supply, our body's health.


    We commit to doing the right thing ♦ making unpopular decisions ♦ confronting reality ♦ showing initiative ♦ being proactive ♦ taking risks ♦ being decisive and innovative ♦ being resourceful.


    We commit to ongoing personal growth ♦ reflection ♦ self-understanding ♦ accountability ♦ resolution of personal issues ♦ to being patient ♦ humble ♦ teachable ♦ realistic ♦ to having a sense of humor ♦ to being joyful, hopeful, faithful, grateful, accepting.

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