Transform Your Family Leadership PackageTransform Your Family Leadership Package

Preparing Children for Life is a journey best accomplished with co-journeyers. And so, this Leadership Package offers tools for leaders to effectively lead classes in which parents journey together. A Leader’s Guide offers step-by-step instructions and scripts. Video recordings demonstrate life skills. Posters, handouts, signs, and publicity materials augment a learning experience that actively involves parents in transforming their families. Character traits explored and infused include:

Fairness           Wisdom
Courage           Caring
Respect           Confidence
Honesty           Self-Control
Hope           Humility


The Transform Your Family course also aims to comprehensively introduce parents to the life skills necessary to family success and to children's future life success. These skills include effectiveness in:


Self-Awareness Listening Self-Expression
Self-Confidence and Assertiveness
Trustworthiness Managing Feelings
Resolving Conflict Living Out One’s Dreams
Goal Setting and Decision Making
Time Management Budgeting


An Introduction to the Leader's Guide offers class leaders information on the reasons for such a course, its philosophy and aims, materials needed, how to start and conduct a group, the weekly structure, and publicity aids. Each week offers leaders guidance on preparation, a structure for activities, and scripts to read.


See the Outline of the Introduction to the Leader's Guide See a Sample Week from the Leader's Guide  

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