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Beyond the Economic Debacle: Rebuilding Communities of Trust

Dr. Karen Eriksen, author of two recently released books, Transform Your Family: A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Children for Life and Transform Your Work: A Guide to Success Done Right, believes that with the loss of extended families, small communities, and the mandates of religious communities, we have lost our moral compass. Our society now seems to use the “fire alarm” approach of waiting until problems or emergencies develop and their pain and costs force us to work hard to create solutions. Instead, Dr. Eriksen proposes that we become more proactive, intentionally creating communities of trust, and in so doing, refuse to participate in the “dog-eat-dog,” “get all I can get,” “profits over all else” mentality that has led to our recent economic debacle and our cries for changes in the ways that our leaders conduct themselves. She proposes that we acknowledge our connections with others in our communities, and live as though those connections matter. By assisting people to aspire toward what is optimal in values and behavior, and to maximize their interpersonal communication and relational skills, Dr. Eriksen aims to transform families, transform workplaces, and transform communities.

Dr. Eriksen not only authored Transform Your Family and Transform Your Work, she founded the Eriksen Institute to promote ethical and life skills development and to, thus, encourage positive societal change - the sort of change that better ensures the welfare of future generations. The Eriksen Institute assists parents, business and organizational leaders, and others to create ethical environments that can inspire people to become the best they can be.

Dr. Karen Eriksen earned her doctorate in education and is an expert in ethics, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution.  She is a nationally known presenter, trainer, and professional leader, and has authored a number of books in her field.

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March 31, 2010
Contact: Dr. Karen Eriksen


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