"I want to tell you a big thank you again for the wonderful presentation you did at last Wednesday’s Ambassador Meeting. I found it very relevant and effective, and everyone had nothing but nice things to say about you." Kristin Massoletti, Denver Chamber of Commerce

"I think what you do is outstanding and valuable. Your work is outstanding and you are the best subject matter expert on this that I know." -Ann Bruce, Professional Speaker and Bestselling Author

"Great knowledge, commitment and professionalism with respect to ethics. . . clearly has the talent to create much needed change. . . actively engaged the audience, who found her presentation very impressive and most enjoyable." -Jane Teague, Executive Director, Enterprise Development Corporation

"Working with Dr. Karen Eriksen was a delightful experience . . .she is a dependable, eager, intelligent, trustworthy, energetic, hard worker with a broad range of skills and experience. . . great knowledge, commitment, and dedicated professionalism with respect to ethics. Audiences respond with great enthusiasm. . . have been inspired by her enthusiasm. . . her contributions were invaluable." -Kim Williams, Assistant Director, Prevention Center, Department of Safe Schools, School District of Palm Beach County

"Very professional presentation. . . will recommend your services." -Marilyn Heller, Program Coordinator, Small Business Development Center

"One dynamite course. . . invigorating. . .closely aligned with my vision. . . really impressed with the resources, the assignments, and the discussion questions. . . a distinguishing feature for our program." -Svitri Dixon-Saxon, Ph.D., Walden University, Associate Dean

"Presentation was clear, complete, and quite thorough. . . The audience felt comfortable to ask thoughtful questions . . . received a great deal of information." -Bonnie Seltzer, Director of Community Relations, Delray Public Library

"Everyone enjoyed your presentation, the opportunity to talk with one another, to feel heard . . . ripples will move out into our community." -Jana Tift, Network of Spiritual Progressives.

"Shows great commitment and knowledge with respect to character and ethics. . . admire her enthusiasm and willingness . . . a dynamic presenter who speaks with passion and conviction to the core values of respect, responsibility and caring . . .truly believes we can become a community of character." -Susan Knight, Character Education Coordinator, The Prevention Center in the Department of Safe Schools, School District of Palm Beach County

"Dr. Eriksen is an honorable, scholarly, and hard working woman of integrity. Anything Dr. Eriksen touches turns to gold. Her foundation is her passion. If you have an opportunity to network with her, you can only benefit. Anything she writes, any seminar she puts together, or any consulting that she does will be excellent."

"Dr. Eriksen is funny and highly personal. She is able to make any subject relevant to any population and is able to reduce complex thoughts and concepts to simple ones so that people can understand and apply them to their own lives. She has a heart for people and is fully invested in meeting the goals of those with whom she contracts."-Chet Weld


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