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often wonder how well they are preparing their children for life. They want their children to succeed—but wonder how to help them do so. They wonder how to ensure that their children’s success will be achieved with integrity. They wonder what skills and character traits their children will need. Christian parents seem quite invested in pursuing the optimal—what God wants for their families overall—rather than in merely resolving discipline problems when they happen to arise. They wonder, in particular, how to follow biblical principles in raising their children and how to lead their children into a relationship with Christ. Transform Your Family Biblically, the Parent’s Booklet and the Leader’s Booklet offer Christian families support, guidance, and encouragement for succeeding in their pursuit of a godly family.

Transform Your Family Biblically: Parent’s Booklet

Offers Christian parents a biblical companion guide to Transform Your Family: A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Children for Life. For each chapter in the latter book or week in a corresponding parenting course, Dr. Eriksen has searched the Bible for scriptures that offer relevant insight and guidance to Christian parents.

Transform Your Family Biblically: Leader’s Booklet

Is the companion guide to the Leadership Package for Transform Your Family. In addition to the material included in the Parent’s Booklet noted above, the Leader’s Booklet supports those who endeavor to lead a parenting course in a Christian environment. For each week of the course, Dr. Eriksen has added to what is offered in the Leadership Guide. The additions reflect Biblical understandings of parenting and include beginning and ending prayers, additional objectives, and additional steps for activities.

In addition to the credentials listed on the About Us page, Dr. Eriksen trains group leaders to lead Transform Your Family and Transform Your Family Biblically education and support groups. She has authored eight books on related topics. She draws on a degree in Bible and a life time in music and youth ministries, as well as over 30 years as a mental health provider and supervisor, and as an adult educator and trainer.

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