Transform Your Family Transform Your Family Leadership Package -- Ethics Training, Preparing Children for Life

  • Do you want your kids to succeed?
  • Do you want their success to be achieved with integrity and character?
  • What do you think it takes for them to succeed?
  • What is your definition of success?
  • What skills and character traits do you think will help them reach that kind of success?
  • What character traits might be most important?

If these questions interest you, if they trigger deeper thinking and reflection, then Transform Your Family is for you! To Prepare Your Children for Life, it considers such character traits as:

Fairness           Wisdom
Courage           Caring


Transform Your Family also aims to comprehensively introduce you to the life skills necessary to work success, whether that work be in business, education, social services, or a non-profit organization. These skills include effectiveness in:


Self-Awareness Listening Self-Expression
Self-Confidence and Assertiveness
Trustworthiness Managing Feelings
Resolving Conflict Living Out One’s Dreams
Goal Setting and Decision Making
Time Management Budgeting


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